The possibilities are endless.
Discover your path in accessible tourism.

A gateway to the future. An opportunity to excite. A chance to make an impact.


Tourism Taster is shaping accessible futures by bridging the gap between tourism businesses and job seekers with disability. Discover your tomorrow as you taste a smorgasbord of workplaces and experiences.

Our vision

To empower tourism businesses to provide employment opportunities to people with disability.

Our mission

To unlock a world where people of all abilities experience inclusion and feel valued in the workplace.

Tourism Taster Cairns connects job seekers with work experience opportunities across Cairns’ rich and diverse tourism industry.

We’re here to help Cairns tourism businesses do what they do best – create stunning, unforgettable, and accessible experiences that anyone can take part in, and work alongside Disability Employment Services providers to find the right tasting opportunity for their job seekers. This just might be their ticket to paradise.

Before you buy a couch, mattress, or can of paint, you test out the options. Even for just one scoop of ice cream – something that will be gone in five minutes – you spend time taste-testing all the flavours.

So, why shouldn’t you taste-test a career before committing to your next job?

Headshot of Trudy

Trudy Nagle


Trudy has worked in the employment sector for over 20 years in a variety of roles ranging from a job search trainer, registration clerk, job placement officer, labour high consultant, business development manager, and currently is an Employment Coordinator for a Tourism Project in Cairns. Trudy is organised and self managed while being very proactive within her roles. She loves working in a team who all have the same interest at heart: helping people succeed on their journey. Trudy is passionate about helping people with disability be treated without prejudice and giving everyone a chance. She works to find her participants’ interests, reverse markets them to prospective employers, and provides post-placement support and mentoring to create sustainable employment. In her spare time, Trudy volunteers at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre over on Fitzroy Island, and and is a proud advocate of the Cairns local area. Trudy and her family also hosts students from Japan in homestay programs and promotes what Cairns has to offer whilst also spending time with her family and friends.

Creating real, lasting change

Tourism Taster strives to be at the heart of Cairns and leave a lasting impact on the tourism industry. The program has worked with a number of employers to increase their knowledge and understanding of inclusive and accessible hiring practices. This disability awareness training has made it possible for people with disability across the region to find meaningful employment.