Unlocking opportunities. Empowering abilities.

Inclusion is everyone’s business. Imagine the possibilities when paradise, passion, and opportunity collide. Tourism Taster Cairns aims to break down barriers, enable sustainable job creation, and connect the tourism industry with people who are ready to work.


A career in tourism can take you anywhere. Whether you are looking to dip your toe in the water for the first time, or seeking to build a career, there is a job for you.

It can be hard to decide on the right career path from just a job description. With Tourism Taster, you can discover your dream future by hands-on job tasting a variety of industries.

Our expert employment coordinator links job seekers with disability to inclusive and accessible tourism businesses.

Your work experience journey will open a tropical gateway of discovery into the tourism industry and prepare you for paid employment.

Where will you begin your career in the tropical Cairns tourism industry?


Traverse the tropical coastland in style.

Customer and guest services

Be the welcoming smile that greets holidaymakers.

Hospitality and accommodation

Start your day at indulgent spas and alfresco restaurants.

Food and beverage

Relish in food and wine trails and the best coffee in the country.

Housekeeping and cleaning

Reach for the stars at a high-rise luxury resort.


Immerse yourself in festivals of wonder.

Tours and guides

Discover and share endless fascinating experiences.

Information centres

Share your passion and inspire visitors to explore local wonders.


Are you ready to expand horizons for inclusive work experiences? By embracing accessible tourism, you are embracing all visitors.

Tourism Taster connects Cairns tourism businesses to employees with disability. We work with you to break down barriers around hiring people with disability and build an accessible and inclusive business.

With one in five people living with a disability, this is a business opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Let’s shape accessible futures together. Embark on the ultimate business opportunity and become a central hub of responsible and sustainable tourism.

What to expect

Our expert employment coordinator will take the time to understand your business values, culture, and challenges. We then sit with you to craft a work experience vacancy opportunity that speaks to the skills, experience, and talent your business calls for.

We take the stress of advertising and vetting resumes off your hands. We market your business to job seekers with disability, as well as local Disability Employment Services (DES) providers, to find you passionate candidates with a learning mindset.

Our support doesn’t end there. Through the Tourism Taster program, you can access free disability awareness training and ongoing on-the-job support.

How our experts can help

Our expert employment coordinator educates businesses on:

  • the benefits of employing people with a disability
  • how to attract people with a disability
  • the resources and funding available to make any necessary adjustments to the work environment
  • assessing a workplace as being ‘disability ready’ with free disability awareness initiatives and training
  • contact information for Disability Employment Services (DES) providers with suitable candidates in your local area.


Do you have a participant who is searching for a career in tourism, but is unsure where to start?

Tourism Taster helps job seekers with disability get their first foot in the door. We organise work experiences with inclusive and accessible workplaces using a hands-on approach.

How will it work?

Our expert employment coordinator will work with you and your job seeker to arrange “job tasting” opportunities. These work experiences will be back-dropped by the the beautiful Cairns tourism industry.

Here, your job seeker will experience first-hand what a career in the tourism industry is like. They can test out their hand at a new career, learn exciting new skills, and discover if this might just be where their passion lies.

We strive to set your job seeker up for success and place them in an environment where they can thrive and be their best. All businesses we work with receive free disability awareness training and education on reasonable adjustments.

If the work experience goes well and the job seeker is offered paid employment, then congratulations! We will advise you of all the details so you can set them up with what they need for a successful placement.